Welcome to the CSNE


The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering is one of 20 Engineering Research Centers across the country supported by the National Science Foundation. Our headquarters are based at the University of Washington in Seattle, and our core partners are at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and San Diego State University.

What is "sensorimotor"? The word itself is an adjective, it is only used in neuroscience and it means having to do with both sensory and motor functions. Read more about this term on our Outreach blog

Researchers at our Center are designing closed-loop neural-interactive systems that help restore function and mobility to people with neurological disorders. Closed-loop is a feedback loop - when you pick up an egg or a tube of toothpaste, your brain makes adjustments based on feedback. Squeeze that tube too hard, or hold that egg too firmly, and you'll have a mess on your hands. But if your brain uses the feedback correctly, you won't waste toothpaste and you'll hold that delicate egg just fine.

Over the last decade, the field of neural engineering has demonstrated to the world that a computer cursor, a wheelchair, or a prosthetic limb can be controlled using direct brain-machine and brain-computer neural signals. The technologies we are developing also provide enhanced computer interactions for non-disabled users.